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Memories for her family

Remembering her life.

Flowers for Trisha-To Remember
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A Tribute to Simons Flower
Weep Not For The Memories
simons_flower September 4,1971-August 5,2009

We wanted to do something to let simons_flower's daughter know just what an amazing person her mom was. We want her sister and parents to know how many lives their Trisha touched. I wanted Mr. Simonsflower to know how much we loved her, how much we will miss her, and how many times she made us laugh.

So what do you do here? Post your memories of Trisha. Post pictures-post quotes from her stories.

Your memories can become The Rugrat's, Stephanie (her sister), Jim's (hubby) and her parents memories.

We're going to put the community into book form and send it to Jim to give to Rugrat.

We want her to know how much we all loved her mom.