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The first thing I ever read of Trisha's was "His Eyes". I was not new to the HP fandom, but I was only just beginning to see the potential in an OT3 in general, and Harry/Ron/Hermione in particular, and it was one of the first fics that I found. I absolutely loved it, and eagerly sought out and read most everything else that she'd written. I discovered the Menage a Trio yahoo group, and through both that community and LJ we managed to go from being author and eager reader to friends, and a kind of mentor/student sort of relationship, though I don't know how much she realized that that was how it was for me. I started writing my first Trio fic, and her advice and insight was invaluable to me on that project and many others.

In a lot of ways, both through example and direct conversation, she taught me to write Harry/Ron and H/R/Hr... and it's because of her writing that I now appreciate and occasionally write Harry/Hermione.

But my clearest, and best memory of her is the day when I opened up my email and found that, completely out of the blue, she'd gifted me with several months of paid LJ time. There was no particular holiday or event going on, she'd just decided to do something for me, and I never did find out why. But remembering that still has the power to cheer me up and remind me of just how powerful random acts of kindness can be. I didn't do as good a job of staying in touch with her from day to day as I should have (or wished I had) over the years, but she really was one of my very favorite people, and one of the best authors I'll ever know.
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Trisha-By leelastarsky

The wonderful leelastarsky approached madam_minnie and I about doing a portrait of simons_flower for the Rugrat and Mr. simons_flower. The portrait is complete and I was given permission by leelastarsky to post it here in the community.

It is truly an amazing picture and I forwarded to her parents, Mr. simons_flower, her sister, and flotsomnjetsom. They all were so appreciative of it's beauty and said how much that Rugrat will treasure this.

Thank you to leelastarsky from the bottom of my heart.


Several days ago, I got an email from Annie letting those of us who beta or are otherwise involved at The Quidditch Pitch know of the saddest news to hit our beloved fandom in quite some time. I couldn't even reply right away because there just were no words. I was utterly speechless then, and even now, I'm unsure of how to express how my heart aches at the loss we all share.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Trisha in person, but her trio fics helped draw me into the world of fanfiction, which lead me to TQP and here to Live Journal, and for that I will always be grateful. Even though I only got to know Trisha online, I'm proud that I could consider her a friend, and I know that her absence from our communities will leave a hole that will never be filled. Her talent and her sense of humor never failed to bring a smile to my face.

To her family and those friends who were lucky enough to know her in real life, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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What I Read at Trisha's Memorial Service

I met Trisha in 2003 and became her writing partner. We have written together for the last 6 years.

Trisha and I met through the Harry Potter Fandom—she wrote Hermione to my Ron. The reason that Sary and I are able to be here is because of the online fandoms and communities that Trisha loved so much. The online community came together and donated funds to allow Sary and I to travel. Some were people who knew Trisha personally, some were those who knew Trisha through her writing, and some weren't even a part of fandom. They were just touch by the out pouring of love and respect that Trisha inspired in everyone that knew her and wanted to be a part of it.

Trisha changed my life for the better in more ways than I can even express here.
Trisha became much more than writing partner to me. She was one of my best friends, a sister, a mentor, and so much more.

Trisha had such a passion for life and laughter. Her smile was beautiful and her laugh and giggles were infectious. Her love for her daughter and the joy she took in the simple things—sharing movies, books, and silliness was unparalleled. The love she felt for her daughter was boundless, unconditional, and as passionate as her joy for life.

Trisha was a fiercely loyal friend. Those of us her held the honor of being her closest friends could always count on her to defend them, support them, and fight for them. She bled if you bled, she hurt when you hurt, and she loved you unconditionally.

The times we spent together in person are now even more precious to me as I sit and remember her. Her laugh, her smile, her wicked sense of humor, and the strength of her spirit play through my mind and bring me a sort of comfort.

To her parents, her sister Stephanie, and Kristina—I hope you can take comfort in knowing how much Trisha was loved, respected, and admired by so many people.

To Jim-I hope you find peace with the support of her family, your family, and in the beautiful smile and laughter of the daughter you share. .

To her daughter—you were loved more than any little girl in the entire world. Your Mamma was astounded by you, she treasured you, and you brought her more joy than she ever thought possible. She thought you were the funniest, the smartest, and the prettiest girl on earth.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Trisha-I love you, I miss you everyday, and you'd better have a cup of coffee waiting for me when I arrive—it's your turn to be the coffee mistress.
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Having not had much time to spend online recently, I have only just heard the news, and am still in shock.

There's nothing I can really say but to pass my respects on to her family and friends, and she will be missed and remembered.
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How do I say Good-bye?

I read this at the memorial service and wanted to share it here for her family to have in the remembrance book.

I'd been a fan of Trisha Masen's writing for a year prior to meeting her online in the fall of 2003. We became writing partners that year and grew to be close friends shortly after that. Trisha challenged me as a writer, her trusty red pen (now electronic rather than ink) catching all of the places where I can improve. She made me a better writer and through her friendship, made me a better person. She had this amazing way with words that made the impossible plausible and the imaginable attainable. With a stroke of her pen, she created worlds and made characters spring to life

Trisha Masen was a force to be reckoned with… and a force of nature. She was my muse and compatriot in mayhem and an inspiration to all of us. I hope that one day I can be to others, what she has been to me. The world truly gained much by her presence and I have been forever changed by her.
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I first read Trisha's Harry Potter writing when I finished the books that were out at the time and there was a long wait until the next one. She and other authors introduced me to the world of fanfiction and I've been hooked since.

Though my tastes drifted through the fandom, once I was on livejournal and facebook and twitter, I got to know Trisha better and found one of the most driven, funny, insightful, and caring women in the world.

News of her death was shocking and so unexpected. I will miss her funny and insightful posts, tales of health woes, and of course her wonderful writing.

I hope you have found pain free peace Trisha. You will be missed.

From one Duranie to another...

This was my first LJ icon ever - my default forever and probably the only icon I've had the entire time I've been part of this crazy community.

It's also one of the first things I remember Trisha 'talking' to me about. She wanted to know if she could use it as well, and that's how I discovered that we shared something more than HHr...we both had a deep seated obsession for Duran Duran.

Kind of fitting that today is actually Duran Duran appreciation.

Although I discovered Trisha through her fic, and got her encouragement to post to The Quidditch Pitch, more recently it was the random, day to day ramblings that we seemed to bond over. Twitter and tweets about seemingly meaningless things made me feel like I had a friend right there with me throughout my day. We'd 'sing' random song lyrics back and forth - she'd say she had some song stuck in her head, and so I'd taunt her with the chorus. She'd pick up the really obscure old school Duran Duran lyrics I'd throw out there, without fail. Sometimes I'd tweet them out there just to see if she'd respond.

I loved that she fell into Doctor Who and Torchwood and Star Trek. I was amazed at how she found the time to actually go and see Star Trek as many times as she did, and couldn't help but laugh in that she found her niche with Kirk/McCoy.

She made me laugh, even though she didn't know it. She made me smile throughout my day, even though she didn't know it. She was a kindred spirit, a loving mother, a prolific and talented author, and I'm sorry I never got the chance to meet her in person. I'm thankful I got to know her, even though it was in the 'all my friends are in the computer' kind of way. And I'm glad I gave her praise when I did, and that she knew that I was in awe of her talent and way with words.

There's an all night party in room 7609, and I know Trisha's a part of it.