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simons_flower has been writing for more than 25 years, though it is doubtful things from that far back will ever see the light of day. Her first major fandom was 1980’s pop rock, especially Duran Duran. In fact, there is a fic on her hard drive that began on an Apple IIC computer that may eventually be finished in this lifetime. From there, she drifted for a while, content to read more than write, visiting sci-fi fandoms such as The X-Files and Quantum Leap. Then came Harry Potter.

The vast majority of the works here are Harry Potter fan fiction works, more than 120 at last count (May 2009). However, her best friend, the one who was with her back in those original days of band fan fic in the 1980’s just got her hooked on Doctor Who. Through Doctor Who, she found Torchwood. Then came the new Star Trek movie and she re-discovered her love for Star Trek – the love for which she blames her mother, though her mother could never convince her to love Shatner’s Kirk. Give her Chris Pine’s Kirk.

~Info by simons_flower from her profile on her fic_by_flower journal

Aug. 9th, 2009

I can't even remember how long Trisha was a friend of mine on LJ but I do remember when I met her for the first and unfortunately, only time. It was in NYC at a friend's birthday and she and I sat next to each other at dinner. I remember a lot of fandom talk and talk about the newest Harry Potter movie but she and I also discussed the one thing we had in common... being mothers. A lot of other things defined Trisha, but that one was so important. I am so sorry Trisha is no longer going to be with us in fandom and most of all, with her precious family. My heart goes out to you all.

Cape Coral, FL

Give sorrow words

I can't remember when I first encountered Trisha in the Harry Potter fandom. She loomed large in the community, both for her talent as a writer and for her ready response to others who were interested in the community. I'd commented on one of her stories and that began a friendship that blossomed when I joined livejournal and found her, here. (And later, on Facebook, too.)

Even though our fannish interests rarely matched up perfectly, we struck up a friendship that was nurtured by other commonalities, particularly our joys in raising our daughters. Trisha was so proud of Jocelyn, and often shared her joy in her daughter's precocious ways with her friends. That love she had for her family always came through, loud and clear.

We checked in on each other's lives occasionally, as busy women do. I was always impressed how many activities she juggled in her amazingly capable ways. And, whatever else was going on, she never stopped writing. Trisha was also so happy to have moved to the Pacific Northwest and, despite all the headaches of moving, was clearly relieved to have found a home into which her family could settle. Life was an open book of prospects before her, and that makes her passing all the more difficult to bear.

It's with sorrow that I log into LJ or Facebook since the news came in. I see her name on the Scramble rankings and mourn that we'll never get to match ourselves there again (I'm pretty sure she'd have handily whipped my butt). I see one of her favourite characters mentioned in a community, and think "Trisha would love to comment on this." Or I see one of her many wonderful stories mentioned by others and know, with sadness, that we won't see any more. But, most of all, even without another word from her pen, what we've lost is a woman who had the greatest capacity for making and nurturing friendship and joy.

To her family, I give all of my sympathy as you struggle with this impossible loss. We all mourn with you.

In memory of Trisha

I never had the pleasure of meeting Trisha in person, yet I counted her as a dear friend. I can't remember when I didn't know her on LiveJournal; I joined here in April 2003, and I'm fairly certain she was among the people I friended early on. I knew her through the Harry/Hermione segment of the Harry Potter fandom, where I'd enjoyed some of her fan fictions. She was incredibly prolific, but I always marveled not only at how much she wrote, but how well she wrote, with very rich characterizations and recognizable emotions.

Outside of fandom, though, I counted Trisha as a personal friend. We read each other's personal journals the whole time, and I was touched by the strength she showed as she dealt with several significant illnesses, an often-unhappy work situation, moving across the country, and being a wife and mother. In what turned out to be her final journal post, she wrote about having several medical appointments scheduled in September, and how much she wanted to eat a Mallomar candy. If I had known she would never have the chance to write another entry, I would have replied; instead, all I did was smile and think, "That's so Trisha."

Jim and Jocelyn, I can't begin to fathom your loss. As a friend of Trisha, I'm feeling a different sort of hole in my life. Take care of each other, for her.

Anne in Madison, WI

Aug. 8th, 2009

I met Trisha, oh, years ago--2003, maybe--in the Harry Potter fandom. She'd written some brilliant Harry/Ginny fiction, and we started talking. Later that year, I joined her, madam_minnie, and zoanthropic in an RPG called "The Dungeon," which later, several other people joined.

We met in person in April of 2004 in Orlando. We had a wonderful few days together, and though she had to leave early, I'll remember those few days (including getting our shared tattoos, all five of us!) forever as being one of the most fun vacations I've ever taken.

We lost touch after I left the Dungeon, and we hadn't talked in years, but I will always remember her intelligence, her wicked sense of humor, and her laugh--always her laugh. Trisha was a fantastic, brilliant, amazing woman and an incredible writer. I will never, ever forget her.

Keep On Writing

My first 'meeting' with simons_flower was in November 2007, when I read one of her fics, "Heat", that was recommended on crack_broom. As a writer, I was blown away by Trisha's writing style and her portrayal of the characters, as well as the way she wrote the simmering tension between them, building it up to perfection. It became one of my favorites, and to this day, "Heat" is a fic that I return to regularly whenever I'm in need of some inspiration.

Needless to say I had to friend her to find out more about her fics; in the process I learned that Harry Potter fan fiction was not the only passion we shared. She was also a big fan of my absolute favorite band of all time, Duran Duran. It was such a kick to find someone else who was as much a 'Duranie' as I am. From the first time we communicated I knew she would be a lot of fun.

But what I really noticed about Trisha was her fierce work ethic. She was of course devoted to her family, and her job, as well as the fandom, but in the midst of all that she kept on writing. She was so passionate about it, always making time no matter what else was going on in her life. If she needed to leave the house to concentrate, then she packed up and went to Starbucks, where she wrote for hours. In her writing updates she documented the three or four projects she happened to be working on, with word-counters. Whenever I thought she couldn't possibly do more, she raised the bar.

I am afraid of juggling more than one project at a time because I worry that I'll lose track of them, but she made it seem so easy. There were no excuses. Nothing stood in the way of her writing. She found inspiration everywhere she looked, and she never limited herself. She trusted her muse to keep her on the straight & narrow path, and she never lost sight of what she wanted to accomplish.

I'm going to miss those updates. I'm going to miss her voice, her commitment and the joy she got from her writing. I wish now that I'd talked to her more, asked her advice on how she did it. I really wish I could have met her in person. She made me want to be a better writer. I hadn't worked on anything in over a month, but the very day after her passing I sat at the computer and finished a project. I was determined not to waste any more time.

Thank you, Trisha.

Aug. 8th, 2009

I went to a Mercy Me concert last night.

There was a song they sang called Home Again. Now, I have no idea what Trisha and her family's beliefs are/were. I thought about her and her family the entire song and it just hit me how final it all is. How much she'll be missed.

But no matter what, I believe she is with God. I hope that can be of comfort for people.

Online Obituary for Simons Flower

Hi All,

There is a beautiful online obituary posted for Trisha. You can log in and read the comments and leave your own.

Trisha's sister did an amazing job writing it and her family chose beautiful pictures that show off Trisha's lovely smile.

You can view the online memorial guest book here at Flintoff's .


Aug. 7th, 2009

To me, fandom has always had this almost magical side to it. Spending most of my life on an island in the middle of North-Atlantic has sometimes felt pretty isolating and fandom has proved to be a wonderful window to the world to me and a great place to meet people. Yeah, a bit magical.

Trisha was one of the people I've met along the way and certainly a person who has left an impression and I think it will be a lasting one. Unfortunately I can't remember when exactly but I suppose it was around the time The Quidditch Pitch opened. I knew of her fics long before then.

Trisha was a very talented writer - she wasn't one to shy from portraying emotions and certainly not afraid to try out new fandoms. Even though we drifted apart fandomwise and I became less efficient in keeping up with her writing, I always loved her posts on her writing processes, knowing how much care she took into telling her stories.

But most of all, I enjoyed her posts about her RL. She never sugarcoated things but even reading about her trials and tribulations gave me a glimpse into a life of a person who lived thousands and thousands miles away. Sometimes her wry and succinct insights to life gave me a new understanding of things. But first and foremost I had the impression that she was a true and fierce friend to her friends and someone who loved her family dearly.

I know I'll miss her and I really only knew her through a computer screen. It's going to be hard to comprehend she's no longer with us, she left us all too soon. I can only imagine what her close friends and her family must be going through and my heart and my thoughts go out to them.

Some pictures. . .

I wanted to put these up for everyone. These are some pictures I have of Trisha from Phoenix Rising. I don't think I've ever seen someone laugh as much as I saw Trisha laugh for those few fun filled days in New Orleans. Her smile and laughter is radiant in all of them and I wanted to share before I went to bed.

Pictures of Trisha

Aug. 6th, 2009

I didn't know Trisha as well as I'd wished, and I'm not entirely sure when we first crossed paths; it was probably several years ago when I'd been invited to post at the then-relatively-new Quidditch Pitch archive. My sense of her in recent years had been my appreciation of her candor about her life, both with her medical conditions and inner sense of self. I felt privileged to know about her beyond her fan identity and now only wish that I'd been more forthcoming in comments about what all she'd been through in recent years. I was excited having moved to Portland last year because I had several fan friends who lived in Seattle. I assumed that once I got more settled, I'd be able to go up for a weekend or so and meet them in real life. Trisha as simons_flower I knew was a dear friend of several friends of mine, and she was on the list of people I really hoped and planned to meet in real life. I am devastated that now this will not happen. For those who are more intimate survivors of the tragedy of her sudden death, my heart goes out to you. The outpouring of love and loss here and in other realms shows just how influential and revered she was, in a very real sense. It's just so unfair and sorrowful that she is no longer with us.

Her memory will be treasured, and it's obvious how much she will be mourned and missed. I wish I could be more articulate.


Flowers for Trisha-To Remember

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