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Shake the remembrall

The first thing I ever read of Trisha's was "His Eyes". I was not new to the HP fandom, but I was only just beginning to see the potential in an OT3 in general, and Harry/Ron/Hermione in particular, and it was one of the first fics that I found. I absolutely loved it, and eagerly sought out and read most everything else that she'd written. I discovered the Menage a Trio yahoo group, and through both that community and LJ we managed to go from being author and eager reader to friends, and a kind of mentor/student sort of relationship, though I don't know how much she realized that that was how it was for me. I started writing my first Trio fic, and her advice and insight was invaluable to me on that project and many others.

In a lot of ways, both through example and direct conversation, she taught me to write Harry/Ron and H/R/Hr... and it's because of her writing that I now appreciate and occasionally write Harry/Hermione.

But my clearest, and best memory of her is the day when I opened up my email and found that, completely out of the blue, she'd gifted me with several months of paid LJ time. There was no particular holiday or event going on, she'd just decided to do something for me, and I never did find out why. But remembering that still has the power to cheer me up and remind me of just how powerful random acts of kindness can be. I didn't do as good a job of staying in touch with her from day to day as I should have (or wished I had) over the years, but she really was one of my very favorite people, and one of the best authors I'll ever know.


Flowers for Trisha-To Remember

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